The National Climate Assessment’s Climate Science Special Report, mandated by Congress, helps Americans prepare for the worst of climate change impacts, severe weather, extremes of temperatures, prolonged and intense droughts, extensive flooding, etc.

And what does the Climate Science Special Report say about hurricanes? “Several studies have projected increases of precipitation rates within hurricanes over ocean regions…, particularly for the Atlantic basin… The primary physical mechanism for this increase is the enhanced water vapor content in the warmer atmosphere, which enhances moisture convergence into the storm for a given circulation strength, although a more intense circulation can also contribute. . . .Since hurricanes are responsible for many of the most extreme precipitation events in the southeastern United States…., such events are likely to be even heavier in the future” (see Chapter 7 page 312). The Science Report references NOAA scientists extensively, including many housed at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information. The Trump Administration is holding publishing the report.  The New York Times posted a draft copy.

-Marjorie McGuirk