As part of its educational mission, CASE Consultants International presents a workshop entitled Climate and Respiratory Health – Focus on Asthma, on Thursday, November 9th, at The Collider, in Asheville, North Carolina. This event brings together climate scientists, environmental health specialists, public health experts, technologists, and healthcare professionals to focus on the impact of the current and future weather and the environment on respiratory health.

Climate change is exacerbating conditions affecting respiratory health in the United States. According to recent reports from the U.S. Global Change Research Program, warmer and wetter conditions resulting from climate change produce dampness and mold in US homes that are linked to approximately 4.6 million cases of worsened asthma. Climate change has already led to an increased frequency of large wildfires, as well as longer durations of individual wildfires and longer wildfire seasons in the western United States. Particulates from wildfires affect persons suffering from respiratory health problems. Additionally, warmer weather extends the pollen season, exposing asthma sufferers to longer periods of allergenicity. Climate change is therefore increasing both the extent and duration of trigger conditions for chronic asthma symptoms and asthma attacks.

Asthma is already a major public health concern in the US. On an annual basis, asthma accounts for more than 10 million outpatient visits, two million emergency room visits, and 500,000 hospitalizations. More than 4,000 deaths each year are directly attributable to asthma, with 7,000 more deaths considered partially attributable to asthma. The death rate for children from asthma has increased by nearly 80% percent since 1980.

The event benefits greatly from the Advisory and Organizing Committees, who bring the authoritative voice of climate and science, and the perponderance of evidence-based research and data to the area of respiratory health.